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Find out about the type of materials, design styles and finishes that can be used for your project

Materials: Frequently used materials include MDF (medium density fibreboard) which is an excellent substrate for modern furniture-making; veneered MDF , should you require a natural wood finish, and various soft and hardwoods.  I can show you samples of some of the materials I use.

Styles: Whether you want a contemporary or a more traditional style, I'm happy to work with you to achieve this.   A simple design can be transformed by the clever use of mouldings, cornices and ironmongery.  As you can see from my galleries, I have experience of producing work in both modern and historic styles like Shaker and Arts & Crafts but feel free to suggest any style you wish.  Often, photographs of projects you like are useful in planning the final look of your furniture.  

Finishes:Generally your units will be installed ready for finishing - you can do this yourself which helps to keep costs down, or I can recommend a good decorator who can do this for you.



A range of styles: contemporary, raised mouldings and inset mouldings